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In this scenario, you will learn how Istio can help you gracefully handle timeouts. Systems can cause timeouts for a number of reasons, sometimes this can cause 30-60 second delays in responses. As a result, the workload is queued and has knock-on effects for the rest of the application.

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Apr 24, 2018 · As part of my Istio 101 talk, I like to show demos locally (because conference Wifi can be unreliable) and Minikube is perfect for this. Minikube gives you a local Kubernetes cluster on top of which you can install Istio.

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To authenticate with the Istio control plane, the Istio proxy will use a Service Account token. Kubernetes supports two forms of these tokens: Third party tokens, which have a scoped audience and expiration. First party tokens, which have no expiration and are mounted into all pods.

虽然 Istio 能解决那么多的问题,但是引入 Istio 并不是没有代价的。最大的问题是 Istio 的复杂性,强大的功能也意味着 Istio 的概念和组件非常多,要想理解和掌握 Istio ,并成功在生产环境中部署需要非常详细的规划。

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